The City of Seattle Plans to Install a Major “Cycle Track” Along Westlake Avenue North

Two of our members have been invited to participate in the Design Action Committee (DAC) which is now meeting with SDOT to discuss the implementation of the Cycle Track.

Please review the current documents of the DAC on the Design Advisory Committee Information tab.

Update on the recent Westlake Stakeholders Group appeal of the City’s Determination of Non-Significance for the Revised Bicycle Master Plan

We are excited to announce that we reached agreement with the City of Seattle to develop a comprehensive, community-focused process that will help inform and influence any future cycling changes on Westlake Ave N. Given this new commitment to a thorough, community-driven process, we agreed to drop our appeal of the Bicycle Master Plan. This agreement commits the city to a more thorough and comprehensive engagement process than they would have developed under current environmental regulations. You may read our press release about the settlement by clicking here and read the Settlement Agreement by clicking here

We want to thank every member of the Westlake Stakeholders group who supported this effort through funds and advocacy to protect our maritime community. Your dedication and commitment helped raise awareness of our diverse, water-dependent community and we could never have achieved this outcome without your help.

While the legal work is done, our work continues as we will work with the Mayor’s office to identify members of the Design Advisory Committee. The Westlake Stakeholders Group will choose two of the thirteen members, and we will recommend and advocate for the remaining stakeholder groups that represent property owners, residents, etc.

Thank you all again for your support of the Westlake Community and your friendship!  Please continue to consider donations so that we may pay off the legal fees we have incurred during this process – Click to contribute.

 A CALL FOR ACTION: The redesign of Westlake Ave. North to install the proposed Cycle Track may result in a substantial loss of parking which would be a serious threat to the viability of our community.

We need your participation to help protect the interests of the community and are asking you to immediately enroll on our Email Registration page so that we can keep you apprised of the public meetings and news. Please read the meeting minutes on the Meeting Minutes tab for important information.

Thank you,
Westlake Stakeholders Group

2 thoughts on “The City of Seattle Plans to Install a Major “Cycle Track” Along Westlake Avenue North

  1. I feel that spending limited taxpayer dollars for another , parallel ,north/south bike lane just two blocks from an already existing trail is a complete waste of both land and money.
    Sacrificing commercial parking (read tax paying jobs and businesses!) for the sake a few thousand cyclists who are too lazy to climb the 100′ up to the already existing Dexter bike path is a very poor idea indeed.

  2. The survey for the Cycle Track has begun! Remember the nice sidewalk / bike path that was put in along the waterside of Westlake? That will be removed in some places! What a waste of money! This will not solve the problem of bike safety along Westlake! There are no rules or laws that the cyclist needs to follow, and just because we install another place for them to ride does not mean that they will actually use it! Without laws enforced this will be a waste! There needs to be a law that says that if a bike lane is provided the bikes must use it only. Not riding up the parking lot, on the sidewalk, or in the street! Not running red lights! The only solution is for bike rules, and providing bike lanes on each side of Westlake ave, one lane of traffic each way and a turn lane in the middle. No bike riding allowed on the sidewalk, and no bike riding along the parking.
    Support Rules of the Road for Cyclists
    Stop the Cycle Track!

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