The City of Seattle Plans to Install a Major “Cycle Track” Along Westlake Avenue North

Working Waterfront

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SAVE THE DATE  – The Westlake Stakeholders Group will be hosting a private Westlake community-wide meeting on Thursday, June 26th at China Harbor from 5:30 – 7:30 pm.  Presentations will begin at 6:00 pm.

  • Dawn Schellenberg, (SDOT’s new communications lead for the cycle track project) will present information from the recent SDOT Open House.
  • Rachael Smith, Government and Community Relations Specialist for Sound Transit will provide a presentation on the recently released High Capacity Transit – Ballard to Downtown Study (final report).
  • We will also have a drawing for the following donated gifts
    • Argosy cruise tickets
    • Kenmore Flightseeing Tickets
    • NW Outdoor Center Kayak Tickets
  • Beverages and appetizers will be available for purchase.

Click here to view the Agenda for the June 26th Community Meeting.

The 1.7 mile stretch of Westlake Avenue North is one of the most diverse water-dependent communities in Washington State. Hundreds of businesses and individuals call this area home, and more than 200,000 people visit this area to enjoy the numerous recreational opportunities. The Westlake Stakeholder Group, formed in 2013, is fighting to preserve this unique and thriving working waterfront as an excellent destination for employers and employees, residents and boaters, customers and tourists.

In addition to being a historic, unique working waterfront, Westlake Ave. N serves as a critical transportation corridor in Seattle, providing a critical freight and commute corridor for northbound and southbound vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Approximately 24,000 vehicles travel the roadway, while hundreds of pedestrians and cyclists pass through the area in the adjacent parking area and sidewalk on their daily commute. Creating a safe, predictable experience for all users in this unique, water-dependent community is critical. The Westlake Stakeholders are currently working with the City to ensure that any new infrastructure – cycling or streetcar – is planned and implemented to ensure this local community remains vibrant while providing a safe space for those passing through to other destinations.

The Westlake Stakeholder Group will be working through various channels to ensure our working waterfront remains a thriving working waterfront for the next hundred years. Click here to download a fact sheet with more information about our community!

Thank you all again for your support of the Westlake Community and your friendship!  Please continue to consider donations so that we may pay off the legal fees we have incurred during this process – Click to contribute.

Please register your email and contact information on the Email Registration page to stay informed and engaged about Westlake Avenue North’s future!

Thank you,
Westlake Stakeholders Group

2 thoughts on “The City of Seattle Plans to Install a Major “Cycle Track” Along Westlake Avenue North

  1. I feel that spending limited taxpayer dollars for another , parallel ,north/south bike lane just two blocks from an already existing trail is a complete waste of both land and money.
    Sacrificing commercial parking (read tax paying jobs and businesses!) for the sake a few thousand cyclists who are too lazy to climb the 100′ up to the already existing Dexter bike path is a very poor idea indeed.

  2. The survey for the Cycle Track has begun! Remember the nice sidewalk / bike path that was put in along the waterside of Westlake? That will be removed in some places! What a waste of money! This will not solve the problem of bike safety along Westlake! There are no rules or laws that the cyclist needs to follow, and just because we install another place for them to ride does not mean that they will actually use it! Without laws enforced this will be a waste! There needs to be a law that says that if a bike lane is provided the bikes must use it only. Not riding up the parking lot, on the sidewalk, or in the street! Not running red lights! The only solution is for bike rules, and providing bike lanes on each side of Westlake ave, one lane of traffic each way and a turn lane in the middle. No bike riding allowed on the sidewalk, and no bike riding along the parking.
    Support Rules of the Road for Cyclists
    Stop the Cycle Track!

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